The BAREyhose Wear
The BAREyhose Wear
The BAREyhose Wear
The BAREyhose Wear
The BAREyhose Wear
The BAREyhose Wear

The BAREyhose Wear

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Dare to bare your legs with these thermal pantyhose to wear with your favorite skirts and dresses with confidence in this cool winter!

We’ve made these women’s tights with our Cool Comfort™ technology to keep you fresh all day long, while a microencapsulation finish offers a moisturizing effect. All of the cottons for our clothing is sustainably sourced and always will be.

It's not overdramatic to say that spilling a cup of coffee or a glass of red wine on your outfit has the power to legitimately ruin your day.


Thermal Technology
This pair of footed leggings uses high-performance heat insulation and an inner layer with velvet to protect against the cold while staying thin enough so that they work with almost any outfit, and for those who like to wear skirts despite subzero temperatures.

Stain-Proof & Water-Proof
These footed leggings are treated with a proprietary stain-resistant wash, which will make liquids roll right off the surface. This will allow the leggings to stay clean, resist odor, and repel liquid.

Stretchable & Comfortable Fit
The inner materials are made with a layer of high-quality plush fabric, designed to be extremely warm, breathable, and soft. Can be worn either as layering hosiery or simply as leggings.

Compression & Shaping Effect
This pair of footed leggings are designed to have all the tummy control, freedom of movement, and targeted compression for a slimmer and silhouette appearance.


Free Size: It is highly stretchy and ideal for all women of all sizes
Three Versions for Different Temperatures:
  • 80g (Regular) - 25°C to 10°C
  • 220g (Fleeced) - 10°C to 5°C
  • 320g (Densely fleeced) - 5°C to -10°C

Style: Pantyhose leggings
Color: Black / Beige
Material: Reinforced Nylon fleece

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