A-C Magical Lotion
A-C Magical Lotion
A-C Magical Lotion
A-C Magical Lotion
A-C Magical Lotion

A-C Magical Lotion

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Body Parts Enhancer
Upsizing your breast by boosting the tissues be active once again and hit enlargement effects by regularly massaging with the cream. 

Hips Lifting 
Increase the tissue and cells by replacing the dead cells and rejuvenate them with the active booster ingredients in the cream, and enhance the sizing of the hips by constantly firming. 

Firming Effects
The cream came with firming effects to ensure the skin is smooth and tighten while in the progress of enlargement.

Natural Ingredients and Formulas
Natural ingredients including coconut shred and lavender oil as one of those main ingredients, and high technology of compression by choosing the best quality and essence from the ingredients to form the cream for your chest and hips. 

Easy and Effective
Just apply twice a day to see the result! Enhance the cream with massage along with the parts where you wished to boost. 

How to use: 

1. Apply the cream to the parts you wish to boost. 
2. Massage slowly with a little effort if you want to.
3. Apply twice a day. After bath and before sleep. 


Product Type: Massage Lotion
Weight: 45g (g/ml) 

Packages available:

  • A-to-C Magical Lotion x 1
  • Buy 2 Free 1 ( Suitable for 1-month usage ) 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How long do I need to use it only I can see the difference?

A; Normally up to 2 weeks can see a slightly visible result. However, this is also based on personal body condition on itself boosting the cells and tissues in the breast or in hip muscle. 

2. Will it caused any side effects? Like skin problems etc...

A; The only side effects are only breast or hip enlargement! Feel free to use it and no more worries about causing skin problems as it is also able to work in massage lotion as well. 

3. Is it suitable for a lady who has saggy breasts or hips because of aging?

A: Yes. This cream is suitable for all kinds of people and ranges of age. This is because this cream also worked as in firming cream, to firm and lifting the skin with the effects of enhancing the breast and hip size. 

4. Do I still need to work out on my hips after using this cream? Is it that effective?

A; Working out on hips is another way of maintaining the shape of the hip. You may work out once in a while to get a faster result outcome rather than waiting for some time. 

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