StepFree Orthopedic Insoles
StepFree Orthopedic Insoles
StepFree Orthopedic Insoles
StepFree Orthopedic Insoles
StepFree Orthopedic Insoles
StepFree Orthopedic Insoles

StepFree Orthopedic Insoles

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Get The Most Amazing Comfort Moving, or Even Staying All Day Long!

Are you tired of the pain in your feet or back? This is often caused by incorrect support while walking. Try these Orthopedic Insoles yourself, which ensure that your body is better balanced! This will reduce the pain and you will be able to live a happier life again!
StepFree Orthopedic Insoles are designed for people who want to have a pain-free life and who want to be active again and get rid of the fatigue generated by plantar fasciitis. It allows a better distribution of the body weight over the supporting areas.


Healthy Feet For A Healthy Life
In addition to relieving you of foot pain, these insoles will provide you a great sense of comfort and well-being. With time, your feet's alignment will return to normal, relieving the tension caused by the plantar fascia.

Light Legs Effect
These insoles prevent the discomfort associated with venous insufficiency, such as heavy legs or tingling in the calf and ankle. Thanks to the special silicone gel in the insole, the entire foot, and the heel are preserved.

Move, Walk, Run
Our orthopedic StepFree Orthopedic Insoles allow you to walk, run and stand longer without pain or discomfort by reducing the pressure under your feet.

Environmentally Friendly
The StepFree Orthopedic Insoles are biodegradable and are made entirely with natural materials that respect the environment. These insoles also adapt to all types of shoes.

Perfect For Men And Women
The insoles are designed to provide optimal relief and can fit shoe sizes up to 13 for men and up to 40 for women. If the insoles are too long for your shoes, they can be cut to the right size.


Material: EVA+TPU
Weight: Small (23.4g) / Large (25g)
Unisex and Universal Size
Can be wash by hands or machine (cold water)

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