Snail Repair Belly Mark Cream
Snail Repair Belly Mark Cream
Snail Repair Belly Mark Cream
Snail Repair Belly Mark Cream
Snail Repair Belly Mark Cream

Snail Repair Belly Mark Cream

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Professional formulas with snail mucus extract help to rejuvenate the stretched skin into the best condition. As with the regular usage of the cream on your stretch marks, you are able to reduce or even removes the annoying stretch marks from any part of the skin.

Stretch marks form when the skin was being expanded either because of pregnancy, the overload of workout, or stretching, the excessive fat that caused cellulite to happen on the inner thighs of the skin. 


Snail Mucus Extraction

Snail mucus is a very skin-friendly ingredient that helps to moisture the skin into the best condition. Combined with other natural ingredients, it brings effective effects on repairing the markings on the skin. 

Pregnancy Usage

Uses while during pregnancy helps to strengthens and enhance the skin elasticity, adequate nutrition to pregnant muscles, improves pregnant muscle into the tough, supple, and smooth condition. 

Postpartum Recovery

Eases postpartum pregnant muscle relaxation, reduces dry skin after pregnancy, and smooth the muscle after pregnancy.

Skin Nourishment - Stretch Marks recovery

Not only postpartum, but the stretch marks also happen when a person overloads on the workout, the excessive fat that caused cellulite lines on thighs are needed this cream to repairs the stretched skin back to its elasticity. 

Eliminates Dead Cells

The cream was able to help in eliminating the dead cells and recreate healthy cells to form healthier skin in the future. 

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* Recommended to purchase Buy 2 Free 1 package to get a better result.* 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): 

1. I am pregnant for 30 weeks, the stretch marks are getting visible, and I still able to use the cream even I am not starting this early?

A: Yes! You can use it in the middle of your pregnancy. To reduce stretch marks, be sure to use it regularly twice a day for visible results! 

2. Is it friendly to non-pregnant women? can I use it as scar removal cream?

A: Yes! You are welcomed to use the cream as normal lotion to soothe your scars! It takes time to recover on scars but regular users should see a difference from it. 

3. I have serious visible stretch marks that look terrible after giving birth... Does it still work even not in pregnancy? 

A: Of course! This cream also suitable for postpartum recovery by soothing the stretch marks causing by pregnancy.

4. What is this cream made from? It only says snail mucus extraction...

A: Aside from the main ingredients which are snail mucus extraction, there are also other ingredients which not being mentioned. Some other sample ingredients are aloe vera, shea butter, and more that is beneficial in soothing out any stretch marks or even scars. 

5. I have stretch marks on my shoulder because of overload work out in the gym. Am I applicable to use?

A: Why not? This cream is worked on every type of stretch mark, not only stretch marks caused by the gym or due to the expansion on the skin, but also by the cellulite caused by the fat in our body. 

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