Super Pocket Shot
Super Pocket Shot
Super Pocket Shot
Super Pocket Shot
Super Pocket Shot

Super Pocket Shot

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The Pocket Shot is a circular weapon/survival tool/toy that works as a slingshot, a fishing pole, and even a bow.

The patented circular design of the Pocket Shot allows you to load the device, aim it, and hit different projectiles at two to three times the rate of a regular slingshot.


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  • The Original Pocket Shot - Fast, Strong, Accurate - The revolutionary concept overshadows conventional skidding:
  • It measures just 1.3 inches deep when closed, which makes it perfect to carry around in a pocket, backpack, camping gear, or tackle box
  • High Precision - High Shot Speed ??????- Very fast aiming and shooting possible
  • Up to six times its power - 12 joules with pocket-shot ammunition made of carbon steel
  • The original pocket shot offered here can be recognized by the pocket-shot lettering on the ring.


  • Product Name: Pocket Slingshot
  • Product Specifications: 6cm * 14cm

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